Capital Structure

Asiamet has an authorized share capital of $25,000,000 divided into 2,500,000,000 common shares at a par value of US$0.01 each.

Capital Structure
Issued and Outstanding 1,936,553,101
Warrants 4,740,896
Options 15,700,000
Fully Diluted 1,956,993,997
Significant Shareholders
Aeturnum Energy* 19.99%
Asipac Group* 8.16%
Board and Management** 3.80%

Capital Structure and Major Shareholders as at 8th March 2021

*Auturnum Energy and Asipac Group notfied interest as per 25 March 2020. No TR1 disclosures have been provided to the company following the placing on 26 February 2021.

**Board and Management holdings exclude Bruce Feng’s holdings which are held through Asipac Group.