BKZ - High Quality Polymetallic/base metals prospect 




6th generation Contract of Work (CoW)  26th March 2018

Licence - Key  Features/Amendments:

  1. An initial contract term of 30 years is granted at commencement of production from the CoW area. The Company has the option of extending for two additional 10-year periods under the current Mining Law i.e. IUPK system.

  2. KSK will retain 40,000 hectares under the KSK CoW (currently 61,003 hectares). 

  3. The fiscal framework will remain highly competitive on a global scale, summarised as follows:Foreign ownership laws mandate that Indonesian Nationals or Companies be offered the opportunity to invest in a Foreign Investment Company ("PMA") Company. KSK is a PMA and will be required to divest 51% of its foreign owned shares at fair market value after 10 years of production. Divestment may take various forms including a partial listing on the Indonesian Stock Exchange ("IDX") or introduction of a local partner(s) and Asiamet has clearly stated its preference for partnering with suitable Indonesian companies at the development and operations stage. 

    • Royalty and corporate income taxes shall be subject to the prevailing laws as follows:
      • Corporate income tax rate of 25%
      • Net Smelter Return royalties for copper will be 4% (previously USD45/t), gold 3.75% (previously USD225/kg) and silver 3.25% (previously USD1.9/kg)
    • KSK will receive a tax holiday and/or a tax reduction for imported capital goods.
    In anticipation of these changes, the BKM Project PEA study completed in 2016 used the amended royalty rates outlined above and a corporate income tax rate of 25% as the basis for the financial evaluation of the project.
  4. The amended CoW requires the Company to work towards, and assist, the GOI in supporting the policy of establishing metals processing facilities in Indonesia. Asiamet plans to produce LME Grade (99.99%) copper cathode at BKM and as such will satisfy the criteria.

  5. The amended CoW currently contemplates the priority use of local labour, products and registered mining service companies. Indonesian nationals currently comprise 98 % of the KSK workforce. KSK has strong community engagement and will continue to support the development of local communities in the areas in which it operates.


Upper Polymetallic Zone Inferred Mineral Resource comprises:   

High Grade Domain - 750,000 tonnes at 8.0% Zinc, 3.4% Lead, 50g/t Silver and 0.35g/t Gold containing 132Mlbs zinc, 57Mlbs lead, 1.2Moz silver and 8,400oz gold at 4% Zn cut-off grade

Low Grade Domain - 590,000 tonnes at 1.6% Zinc, 0.5% Lead, 13g/t Silver and 0.15g/t Gold containing 20 Mlbs zinc, 7Mlbs lead, 247Koz silver and 2,800oz gold at 1% Zn cut-off grade ·

Lower Copper Zone Inferred Mineral Resource comprises:

High Grade Domain - 1.1M tonnes at 1.1% Copper and 13g/t Silver containing 26Mlbs copper and 460,000 ounces silver at a 0.5% copper cut-off grade


Within the northern area of the Kalimantan Surya Kencana (‘KSK’) Contract of Work (“CoW”). The KSK CoW is located 165km  northwest of Palangkaraya, the regional capital of Central Kalimantan


Good road access, BKZ site is accessed from Palangkaraya via sealed road (3hrs) and all weather unsealed road (3hrs). 5  direct flights a day from Jakarta to Palangkaraya airport.

Barge navigable river from Kasongan River Port to Banjarmasin seaport


Infill drilling to produce JORC compliant resource estimate