In addition to village-based development, YTS is seeking a framework for regional development. The objective is to create a broad partnership of stakeholders - from government, communities, business and funding agencies - who will work together to build an integrated platform for future development of all sectors in Kalimantan.

This will provide a rational basis for future investment and development. YTS helped the district government launch a Multi-Stakeholder Forum for dialogue that already has resulted in companies supporting government programs in health, education and infrastructure.

In addition, YTS has been supporting community involvement in the government's bottom-up planning mechanism, called 'Musrenbang'.

This activity reinforces the community-based participatory planning process that YTS facilitates, by drawing the result - the 'Village Development Plan' - directly into the government arena, where the administration is obliged to respond to the collective needs and demands of villagers.

YTS plans to extend this approach throughout the district, and initiated a four-year Ford Foundation-funded initiative designed to improve the planning and budgeting capacity of district government for local communities.

On its own, YTS has attracted donor agencies from the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK to invest in development projects in the province.